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The World's Most Connected Companies Choose SevOne:

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Monitor the broadest set of performance data.

Collect and analyze any time series data. Maintain raw data for a year.

If you can't monitor it, how can you possibly manage it? You need a comprehensive, data agnostic approach to collection. SevOne removes visibility gaps over your entire infrastructure by supporting modern day protocols and data collection from third-party Element Management Systems and proprietary platforms.

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Understand what’s normal.
And more important, what’s not.

Baseline every single indicator. Only see the alerts that matter.

How do you filter through the noise of massive machine data to see what is different and relevant right now about your infrastructure performance? SevOne automatically baselines every metric it collects – including logs – and then alerts you when real-time performance deviates from historical norms.

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Get instant answers when every second counts.

Run reports against millions of objects. Then watch how fast it works.

Don’t let the amount of data you monitor slow you down. SevOne’s patented architecture provides unrivaled speed at scale. Whether you are troubleshooting, forecasting future capacity needs, or optimizing your current network performance, you get instant answers

Cut troubleshooting time in half.

View multiple data sources on one screen.

Network and data center troubleshooting is easy when you can see multiple data sources on one screen. In fact, you can bring any time series data into a single dashboard or report. SevOne allows you to pivot from performance metrics like SNMP to related flow records and log data, all with a single click.

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Experience incredible speed to value.

Deploy an all-in-one appliance. Forget about agents and modules.

You don’t need multiple teams to deploy or maintain SevOne. It’s an all-in-one appliance, available in hardware or virtual machine forms.
No SevOne agents, no optional modules, no hardware to worry about.
That means less administrative overhead for you.

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