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16 Sep

“We’re blowing away our competition by using SevOne”

Reviews from real SevOne users on IT Central Station

We place high stock in feedback as an organization. A platform cannot evolve without honest feedback from the people who use it each and every day to safeguard their digital infrastructure and business.

That’s why we value user reviews from IT Central Station, a review site that’s often called the “Yelp for enterprise technology.” Users can post their unbiased feedback on IT Central Station, choosing to either remain anonymous or share their name, title, and organization.

Reviews from IT Central Station help us shape future iterations of the platform. They also help current and future users of SevOne understand why some of the biggest and most complex organizations choose us to manage their digital infrastructure.

Today we’re sharing three reviews from the site that may be particularly useful. Read on to see what these users had to say:

“In 2002, my company was using Tivoli and I was totally frustrated in our inability to see anything … We had trouble keeping our agents running and had 5 actions for every 125. Now, [with SevOne] we have about 125 actions as opposed to 125 phone calls of issues, increasing our proactive measures hundred-fold. We also began providing rich detailed data to our customer on system performance to the point that they had to change their processes and level of transparency.

We're blowing away our competition.”

- Mr. Sharpsten, Chief Technology Officer at an aerospace/defense firm with over 1000 employees. Read the full review here.

“[SevOne] allows us to see metrics and immediately map to who is causing an issue so we can react faster. It improves our mean time to resolution. The most valuable features are scalability, speed, and integration of performance and flow data.

We were using eHealth (CA) and NetQOS, but we left those products for greater scalability and speed, as well as being able to consolidate those two products into one.”

-Vice President, Engineer Lead at a financial services firm with over 1000 employees. Read the full review here.

“We had an aging infrastructure and we were looking for alternatives. Other products required DBA's, administrators, and developers. However, SevOne packaged everything together in a simple enough manner so that I could maintain a workforce which was capable of operating the system without building and maintaining the entire infrastructure.”

-Manager, Tools and Automation at a technology company with over 1000 employees. Read the full review here.

Be sure to visit IT Central Station’s site to read all of SevOne’s reviews.

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