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18 Dec

10 Ways the Star Wars Universe Would Have Benefited from Using SevOne

10 Ways the Star Wars Universe Would Have Benefited from Using SevOne

Today marks a new chapter in the Star Wars saga with the nation-wide release of The Force Awakens film. In the time leading up to the debut, I was left with nothing to do but over-analyze the first six installments in the franchise. I mean, really over-analyze. I even got to thinking, what would the Star Wars universe have been like if the characters had a digital infrastructure management platform (SevOne) to help them through their day-to-day adventures? Well, here’s my best shot:

  1. Grand Moff Tarkin would have received a proactive alert about a critical flaw in the Death Star’s infrastructure architecture, which eventually allowed the rebels to destroy the space station.
  2. Young Anakin Skywalker would have known that Sebulba made a negative configuration change to his pod racer before he risked his life in the Boonta Eve Classic Podrace.
  3. The video quality of many holographic communications would not have degraded so frequently if everyone had real-time visibility into capacity limitations that led to undesirable jitter.
  4. Uncle Owen would have known that R5-D4’s motivator was about to fail before he invested in the droid.
  5. The Jedi Council would have detected an abnormal presence in their midst long before Palpatine revealed himself as a Sith lord.
  6. Han Solo would have known much sooner that the hyper drive motivator in the Millennium Falcon had been damaged before he tried (unsuccessfully) to make the jump to hyperspace.
  7. Moff Jerjerrod would have been faster to market with the new Death Star (and with fewer men) had he been monitoring the deployment more closely.
  8. The Ugnaughts could have run a synthetic test of end user experience on Cloud City’s carbon freezing chamber rather than use Han Solo as an in-production experiment.
  9. Star Wars fans would still have easy access to the original edit of the movie data before it was fat-fingered by George Lucas.
  10. Jar-Jar Binks would never had existed (Well, not really. But wouldn’t that have been nice?).

At this point, you may be thinking, “This guy from SevOne has way too much time on his hands.” Perhaps. But not as much time as Rhett Allain, who tried to figure out The Physics of the Star Wars Trailer TIE Fighter Formation in an article posted to Wired.

Either way, here’s hoping that The Force Awakens delivers on the hype. And if you’re reading this with zero knowledge of what SevOne is or what we do, check out this video.

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