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15 Oct

100M Objects (and other News)

Blue and Orange SevOne Logo in Front of a Server Room

SevOne surpassed selling 100M Objects to some of the most recognizable brands in the world. Why do these companies monitor so many objects? To help ensure you and I have 100% availability.

What does this mean exactly?

Data is increasing, as we learned in Matt’s blog post last week about WiFi offloading, and availability is now mandatory—not just a nice to have. Vess touched on it in his piece on APM Digest earlier this month:

Our connected world continues to transform into a mobile one. The network is a constant and fascinating companion, which grants us 24/7 access where communication is instant and takes place across an array of devices, unconstrained by physical barriers. As a result, the IT infrastructure is more critical than ever for business operations. Companies and organizations are calling upon a variety of technologies that are changing the face of today’s network — from mobile devices, to cloud services, to web-based applications.”

Infrastructures keep growing – multiplying objects —and SevOne’s ability to deliver speed of reporting at scale ensures real-time reporting to help companies predict outages. It’s really very simple.

SevOne’s object growth has also been a result of the variety of data that SevOne collects. Some say, “SevOne doesn’t discriminate against data.” SevOne collects and reports on any data – structured or unstructured.

Some other recent news –

As a result of the adaptability and agility of the SevOne solution, SevOne joined the Alcatel-Lucent OSS Partner Program and certified testing against the Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM.

The Boston Business Journal wrote a piece about SevOne.

RCR Wireless interviewed Vess while at CTIA last month:

CBS Philadelphia sat down with Vess to hear about how he attributes to his success in the IT field to education:

Education is a continuous process, especially when it comes to technology. Technology evolves very quickly. What has made us successful until now won’t be what makes us successful tomorrow.”

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