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10 Nov

2011 Key Highlights from TM Forum Management World Americas

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The TM Forum Management World Americas 2011 in Orlando got off to a strong start with engaging keynotes, including from AT&T on where we are heading with emerging mobile devices,Verizon Business on data breaches, and LightSquared on their 100% wholesale LTE business. The data breaches presentation was fascinating. You can read a summary here in their 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report. LightSquared doesn't mind being called a big dumb LTE pipe, with their 59MHz of US spectrum, but there was more interest in how their satellite based service would function for broadband connectivity, and strangely no questionson the GPS interference issue.

Attendance at MWA11 was strong, despite the overlap with Ethernet Expo, LTE North America, and MILCOM (and hence they are moving MWA to December in 2012). According to the TM Forum staff, there are 1200 attendees which is up about 15% more than last year,330 companies attending, and 115 service providers. So certainly a strong service provider focus and not just Americas - we've had great booth conversations with telecoms from the Dominican Republic, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and UAE. There was an abundance of conversations in Spanish in our booth, which nicely coincides with our announcement yesterday at MWA of SevOne's international market expansion. One disappointment is the lack of Federal Government attendance, given the overlap with MILCOM.

We've also had great conversations on our 4G LTE and IMS Network Performance Management solution including live demonstrations. The need to get end-to-end visibility of performance and availability of 4G LTE and IMS networks and services is real, as these new networks enter production. The use of multiple vendor technologies exacerbates the problem – SevOne pulls performance metrics from most of the major LTE and IMS equipment vendors in attendance at the show, and we've had some new and interesting requirements for closing more visibility gaps.

SevOne's focus and conversations at MWA have been on the OSS side, so I can't say much about the conference agenda and discussions on BSS and new carrier revenue. I've previously blogged on the mobile video onslaught. Although there is not a strong focus on this topic at the conference, it underpins the new technology upgrade cycles which are a primary driver for service assurance investments.


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