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12 Nov

3 Best Practices for Monitoring a High Scale LAN/WAN

It doesn’t matter if you’re a communications service provider or a large enterprise. In today’s all-IP connected world, the network is the business. Your customers rely on you for always-on connectivity. There’s no doubt that if you can’t provide service that meets their expectations, they’ll look elsewhere.

As Ken O’Connor, Network Management Development & Support from Thomson Reuters mentions, “Our customers come first - they are our priority. So the deliverability of reliable and accurate data is very important.” [watch a video of the panel discussion]

That’s why network and IT teams reply on performance monitoring to visualize their end-to-end infrastructure performance. Networking experts gathered at NEXT15, SevOne’s first user conference, to discuss best practices for managing high scale LAN/WAN environments.

The panel was moderated by Christian Renaud, Research Director at 451 Research.

The following speakers participated in the event:

  • Ken O’Connor, Network Management Development & Support, Thomson Reuters
  • Lou Maniscalco, Manager - Network Operations Center Networking, Cablevision
  • Bob Pierpoint, Director, Customer Experience, SevOne

Here are three key takeaways they shared:

  1.  Practice outage avoidance: IT teams who can see all of their information in one place can spot small issues before they snowball into full-on outages. Nullifying issues before they start is much more beneficial to the business than constantly running to put out fires.
  2. Keep alarms actionable: Cut down on noise and be sure you can move quickly once an alarm goes off.
  3. Automate, automate, automate: Automated reports and actions can alleviate stress and improve efficiency when uptime is critical.

Watch the full video to hear the panelists discuss KPIs for delivering business results to their customers and how end-to-end infrastructure monitoring is integral to their business strategies.

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