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17 Feb

3 Things Customers Need From Their Digital Infrastructure Management Solution

Infrastructure Monitoring Station

My team recently had the opportunity to participate in a CIOsynergy event in Dallas. We were excited to meet with some of the best and brightest IT leaders to exchange ideas and talk about what gets us going.

We’re always excited to talk about infrastructure management, but it was interesting to hear from these IT leaders about what they’re looking for in a monitoring solution to assure their applications and services.

Here are three things we heard from enterprise IT leaders at the event:

We have too many tools.

Enterprises tend to keep too many tools on board. Typically, organizations rely on legacy tools that just don’t scale or are too specialized to provide value.

As enterprises look to transition to SDN, IT teams should focus on how current tools can be used more efficiently and weed out the ones that just can’t deliver.

For more, download our whitepaper, “Avoiding the Hidden Costs of Performance Monitoring Tools.”

We want visibility.

One leader we met with stressed how important data is to his company. With eight datacenters worldwide and a sizeable environment to monitor, this leader said he wanted data at scale, all with complete visibility.

A valuable monitoring solution does provide end-to-end visibility over your entire infrastructure in a single view. It can monitor, report and alert on the performance of your dynamic datacenter, with the ability to easily handle Big Data networks and provide actionable insight into the health of your networks, applications and systems.

For more on this topic, read this whitepaper from Tech Tonics Advisors: “New Requirements for Performance Management Vendors.”

We have visualization, but need data collection.

One enterprise’s chief infrastructure architect talked to us about the need for a scalable data acquisition platform that could also be flexible.

The first step in providing service and resource assurance is being able to collect performance metrics that give you insights into application and service delivery.

So it’s important to look at the entire environment holistically. It’s not just about collecting and hoarding data any more. It’s about data mediation, and being able to translate all of the data from different element languages to something simple and consistent that you can remix with other systems and tools and visualize the right way.

Today, operators need a workflow that “remixes” all of their performance data – from end user experience data, to bare metal performance using metrics, flows and logs – into the context of the service or applications to which they’re responding. The performance management solution should connect the dots, show you what is unique and what needs investigating, and map it to your business applications and services, only showing what’s relevant and suppressing the noise.

For more, download our new whitepaper, “Achieving Operational Insight in SDN & NFV Environments.”

Written by Eddie Tung
Vice President Sales- West, SevOne

Eddie Tung is Vice President Sales, Named Accounts at SevOne. Eddie has extensive experience in building and maintaining high performance business organizations. With a strong knowledge of technical and business objectives, his focus is on complex business dealings, financial services organizations, global telecommunication organizations, infrastructure appliance and software solution sales and international business dealings.

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