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10 Apr

4 Ways to Improve Performance Monitoring from the Expert

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When you spend your entire career engrossed in understanding how carriers deploy and optimize their infrastructures -- as SevOne’s Matt Goldberg has -- you can’t help but want to share your insight with others.

Today, No Jitter published an article by Matt, Four Ways to Improve Performance Monitoring.

Matt’s observations from the past 15 years apply equally well to both service provider and enterprise infrastructures:

1. Use monitoring data to gauge infrastructure changes

2. Schedule more frequent polling to capture short-lived events

3. Create new, custom performance indicators based on lower-level statistics

4. Tie together flow traffic, SNMP-based usage data, and log analytics

You can read the full article on NoJitter’s website. You may also be interested in this free whitepaper on 6 Steps to an Effective Performance Monitoring Strategy.

Six Steps to an Effective Performance Monitoring Strategy

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