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4 Dec

5 Gifts IT Managers Should Ask Santa to Bring This Christmas

There is no doubt – the technology industry is transforming at breakneck speeds and IT managers will be busy in 2016. Teams are planning to spend, hire, and manage more next year than they did in 2015 – according to a Computerworld forecast survey – as trends like IoT, hybrid cloud, and SDN are placing IT at the center of the business.

So as IT managers prepare for the holidays, what should they ask Santa to bring them this year? We answered this question for TechWeek Europe and wanted to expand upon it because (hopefully) IT managers deserve a few presents from the jolly man in red. Here are five gifts IT managers should make sure they add to their Christmas list this year.

  1. Strong teams that can help successfully transition to a DevOps approach. IT needs teams that can collaborate during every step of the development process in a rapidly changing, application-driven environment.
  2. Comprehensive tools that provide true insight into the infrastructure. When change is constant, IT teams require end-to-end visibility to understand how infrastructure impacts business applications. Being able to collect and visualize all infrastructure information in one place facilitates quick, intelligent business decisions, ensuring teams continually deliver a quality experience to their end users.
  3. Sound security measures to limit painful data breaches. From implementing additional procedures, to hiring additional staff to monitor small anomalies (and acting before they become big problems), managers know security will be a key focus in 2016.
  4. Agile folks who are ready to tackle some of the biggest challenges teams will face yet. For instance, 65 percent of IT teams have some level of interest in having IoT sensors, applications, and devices in their business, but 69 percent have some level of concern about the amount of data IoT will create, according to a recent survey. As the business evolves, processes and procedures will need to be created in order to make sense of this influx. IT teams will charged with leading the way.
  5. Time to enjoy the holidays with friends and family. With all of the changes coming our way, now is the time to rest, reflect, and recharge for 2016. It’s looking to be a great year.

As you prepare, be sure to read our whitepaper on 3 Questions Network Teams Shouldn't Have to Answer with "I Don't Know" to ensure you’re able to answer the tough questions in 2016.

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