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6 May

5 Top IT Challenges in Higher Education


Today’s students expect “always-on” connectivity on their laptops, iPads and smart phones. They thirst for nontraditional learning environments, open access to content, electronic-driven repositories, IoT devices, enhanced security and much more.

To accommodate these needs, colleges and universities have had to undergo a transformation – one that redefines the digital services they offer to students.

But with change comes challenges. And IT teams are now facing an unprecedented array of them. For starters, they need to juggle major changes in technology, shifting user requirements, and evolving learning models. They must also contend with the ever-growing reliance on network connectivity and the expectation of anytime, anywhere access.

With cost control also a priority, IT teams have struggled to make the significant changes needed to deliver better IT services more consistently. Instead, they scramble daily to fight technology brush fires like sluggish performance, spotty outages, access point failures and security problems.

On a more strategic level, poor IT performance can create a reputation for having subpar technology resources, which can seriously undercut an institution’s ability to recruit the best and brightest.

In our latest whitepaper, “5 Top Challenges In Higher Education,” we dive into the challenges that higher education IT teams face when tasked with delivering better IT services more consistently. The whitepaper also illustrates five ways digital infrastructure monitoring is the solution IT teams need.

Here are the five challenges highlighted in the whitepaper:

  • Meeting wireless connectivity expectations.
  • Taming the bandwidth beast.
  • Supporting new learning models.
  • Rising to the cybersecurity challenge.
  • Leveraging analytics to improve performance.

Read the whitepaper to find out why digital infrastructure monitoring solutions help address these challenges.

No matter what’s on the technology horizon, how student expectations morph, or how teaching models will be reinvented, these systems will help IT teams deliver the technical support and insight required to take college and university campuses through the digital transformation successfully.

Learn more about the Top 5 IT Challenges in Higher Education and How Digital Infrastructure Management Can Help.

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