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19 Jun

The Antisocial Network

Text That Reads The Antisocial Network

SevOne is a rapidly growing organization. Together, we now have many centuries of accumulated experience in IT corporations, from the smallest start-ups to massive industry behemoths. Unfortunately for many of us, our preceding years were spent suffering in far less enlightened environments than SevOne. Our new web comic, The Antisocial Network, helps us heal. And it's cheaper than therapy.

Along the way, you'll meet some of the Design Personas we have created to help us shape the user experience in SevOne - hopefully you'll recognize some of their traits and attitudes from your coworkers and managers. We are using the comic inside the company to help our teams better understand the people who use our product every day. With that, here is today's comic:


Nic Reid is the Director of Product Management and Design for SevOne.

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