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10 Aug

Athletes Aren't the Only Ones Expected to Perform at the Olympics

Speed Skaters Competing at the Olympics

Before the London Olympics started there was a lot of speculation about how people would be ‘taking in’ the 2012 games. For one, social media has completely changed the way the world receives information. In the United States, NBC decided to show events that had already taken place five hours earlier in London, during prime time back in the States. US viewers have been pretty disappointed with this decision, especially because by the time NBC is airing the events; most people already know the results through internet spoilers.

Many news outlets are also streaming the Olympics live online. So what does this mean for organizations where most employees spend their days online? Many companies run the risk of having slower networks because of people constantly keeping up with the Olympic Games during work hours in the US.

And the even bigger ‘elephant in the room,’ – or the elephant slowing the network is: social media. Twitter currently has a half-billion users. Twitter did cause a big problem during the first weekend of competition. The BBC had issues with cycling coverage because so many people in the streets of London watching the race were tweeting.

According to this article in the Guardian, ”Viewers were left in the dark about timing and positions after electronic updates failed to reach commentators during both the men's and women's events.” People watching the event from home on ‘the tele,’ were at a loss. That is not fair.

What could have prevented a problem like this is a network performance management solution to report on the degradation long before it affected the general public.

Moral of the story is - There are over 80 times the amount of Twitter users in 2012 than there were in 2008. If the International Olympic Committee wants the 2016 games to go off without a hitch, they have four years to prepare the same way athletes do. The only difference between Olympic athletes and the IOC – The IOC is competing against themselves.

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