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7 Aug

Born Digital

John Myers of Enterprise Management Associates was recently interviewed about the impact of Big Data and changes in the understanding of Big Data in industry. One of the notable changes he mentions in considering big data is the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Big Data continues to grow the breadth of IT usage by leveraging transactional, human generated, and machine data, such as server logs. The Internet of Things increases the number of endpoints that data must reach – even on airplanes. Both Big Data and its newest offshoot, IoT, drive the need for, and increase the importance of, network performance management for all types of business.

Mr. Myers' interview rings true with us at SevOne. SevOne was "born digital," existing to facilitate the businesses of our "older cousins and siblings" that were born digital, as well as helping the previous generation seeking to become naturalized in the digital world. At SevOne we also recognize Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) to be two major themes driving the need for scalability and speed of reporting in network performance management. Big Data and the Internet of Things are here to stay, and so is the need to manage them.

Read the interview with John Myers here.

Written by Rick Stuby
Product Marketing Manager

Rick Stuby is a product marketer for SevOne. A strategy, marketing and business development professional with 28 years of global technology experience in networking, telecommunications, semiconductors, renewable energy, and defense covering hardware, software and service solutions, Rick holds eleven United States patents. He has written many technical and marketing publications.

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