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28 Jan

Break Through to Modernized Branch Office Connectivity

Provisioning connectivity for branch offices used to be fairly straightforward for enterprise IT and NetOps teams. They would buy and hook up some MPLS connections, align to required security policies, deploy a ‘best-efforts’ Wi-Fi solution, and call it good enough. 

The coverage, quality, and reliability of branch office connections weren’t always as strong as those at corporate headquarters. But employees working at branch locations didn’t expect it to be as good. In their view, spotty connectivity and occasional performance issues just went with the territory.

Things at branches have heated up, however. Employees in these locations -- like all employees -- have become much more dependent on their networks and the applications they deliver. They’re more mobile, use many more devices, and expect reliable anytime anywhere access to the network resources and application, both cloud and corporate headquarters-based, they need to do their jobs. ‘Best efforts’ from IT and NetOps doesn’t cut it anymore. 

Enterprise networking teams know that connectivity demands at their branches are higher. So, many of these teams have had branch modernization -- especially connectivity upgrades -- on their priority lists for some time.

Among the go-to technologies for meeting these needs are SD-WANs and next-generation Wi-Fi. Until recently, however, enterprise adoption of those technologies had been slow. One of the biggest inhibitors was the lack of visibility teams had into those systems and their behaviors. You can’t manage what you can’t see, so many IT and NetOps teams held off deploying SD-WAN and next-gen Wi-Fi.

Thankfully, the situation has changed with the emergence of a new generation of network monitoring systems. With monitoring capabilities that are just as dynamic, flexible, and scalable as the SD-WAN and next-gen Wi-Fi solutions they monitor, these newer systems are enabling IT and NetOps teams to make the branch connectivity improvements they’ve long sought.

A new whitepaper from SevOne, entitled Top Five Challenges of Managing SD-WAN and Wi-Fi in the Modern Branch Office, details this revolution in branch connectivity. It discusses the monitoring challenges that previously slowed adoption of these technologies in branch modernization efforts. It also describes how these solutions, with their fast, flexible, and scalable monitoring, are ensuring that branch employees get all the connectivity they expect - and more.

Branch office modernization means branch office productivity gains. Now is the time to make these switches and upgrades. Download your free copy here.

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