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23 Jun

Building Towards the Cloud with Telonic and SevOne

Telonic Logo in Blue and White

Telonic GmBH is a leading systems integrator in Germany operating and providing innovative network infrastructures and performance monitoring solutions. We service brands across the whole of Germany and needed to offer our customers a simple solution capable of reporting on network statistics and NetFlow simultaneously.

Cloud adoption in Germany is big business and is predicted to generate the highest income across Europe, an estimated €200,000 million according to EMC Corporation's 2011 Cloud Dividend. Because cloud environments are dynamic, real-time visibility is of the upmost importance. Furthermore, with network infrastructure constantly shifting from small to huge installations as required, speed at scale has become imperative for our service provider customers and their end users. With wide-scale deployment of cloud networks in progress, service providers will need to ensure that performance is not impacted by, and that end-users experience the full benefits that cloud solutions can deliver.

SevOne was the only solution delivering this capability and, moving forward, SevOne's network performance management portfolio ensures that we can support the largest service providers in Germany. With cloud-based solutions becoming increasingly important, cloud and management service providers need to be able to monitor their networks in real-time and, crucially, at scale.

There is a real opportunity for both companies to lead the marketplace because no other vendor is able to offer the real-time scalability and level of customization supported by SevOne. When it comes to cloud-based platforms, these capabilities are critical, so securing a partner of Telonic's stature in Germany ensures that SevOne has the best route to market. Andreas Schlecter, Managing Director, Telonic

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