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4 Feb

Cisco Live Milan 2015 Wrap-Up

Lanscape of Milan, Italy

Last week I was in Italy for Cisco Live Milan 2015. Once inside the Milano Congressi Convention Center, my attention turned from the local art and architecture to the major buzz on the show floor – the market transition to "software defined everything."

In full disclosure, I've recently been working in the area of automating network configurations. Specifically, how to monitor the performance of software defined assets. So it's fair to say I've tuned my ear to these types of conversations. But Cisco Live Milan 2015 felt different.

SevOne attending Cisco Milan 2015

For the past few years, we've heard from early adopters looking to expand beyond the virtualization of compute. They've been curious about how to apply virtualization to the network. But the talk was always around "if" and "how" to do this. Last week, the conversation changed from "if" and "how" to "when."

What moved the needle? It was the consistent drumbeat of customers asking, “What does it mean for me to monitor the performance of a software defined network? How does this differ from how I monitor my network today? How can I monitor the network I know today, while transitioning to the network of tomorrow?”

Why do these questions make the difference? I’ve found that the moment the market starts asking how to monitor a new technology, we've moved beyond the technical phase and into an operational phase. We've transitioned from a lab environment into production. It’s a critical turning point.

Our customers – and the market as a whole – are on a journey to software defined everything. Compute, network and storage resources, combined with automation and orchestration systems, will enable the market to accelerate innovation and expand opportunities through virtualized infrastructure.

At SevOne, we have committed to working with our customers and industry partners through this market transition. I’m looking forward to the journey.

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Written by Brian Promes
VP of Product Marketing

Brian leads SevOne product marketing and alliance-marketing strategies for cloud, virtualization, and software defined everything. Brian joined SevOne with over 20 years experience in the network management and monitoring space at Novell and Cisco, where he focused primarily on product management, product marketing and strategic alliance efforts of early stage products for emerging technologies in enterprise and service provider markets. Brian believes in enabling customers and partners to integrate products and technologies via open APIs and interfaces to solve the individual customer needs, earning two US Patents (US06584507 and US 06957256) for Linking External Applications to a Network Management System.

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