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20 Apr

Cloud-First Performance Management

Network Servers Sitting on a Single Cloud in the Sky

With the new "Cloud First" initiative in the United States, government agencies and IT contractors must give priority to web-based applications and cloud services. More specifically, Cloud First requires agencies to choose a cloud solution, if one exists, before initiating any new IT program. As of this year, it requires agencies to move one service to the cloud within 12 months and two additional services to the cloud within 18 months. However, it should be no surprise to any of us that less than half of Federal agencies anticipate meeting these goals, as reported in MeriTalk's Federal Cloud Weather Report.That's certainly not going to please President Obama, who already has a low opinion of government IT, from his refusal to give up his BlackBerry to some recent off camera comments that “Government IT is horrible.”

Budget and security are cited as the top two cloud adoption hurdles, and the General Services Administration (GSA) is attempting to address them with programs like FedRAMP that provides a consolidated point for government-wide security authorization and related risk-management activities for cloud computing systems. Yet lurking behind these are additional issues - the Meritalk report says that 54 % of IT managers assert that mission specific requirements hinder cloud adoption, including:

  • “Different project requirements do not allow for common tools to be used,” and
  • “Mission-critical applications won't be put on the cloud as our people need to have control over them.”

It is hard to argue with these points. Many IT managers today don't have complete and end-to-end visibility of the performance and availability of their infrastructure and applications. It is more critical than ever to have accurate and dependable insights around the performance of mission critical applications, including network availability, utilization and application response time. The initial adoption of cloud-based services will result in hybrid cloud and traditional IT service environments, where a unified and converged view of performance is required throughout the transition process.

Government agencies require a powerful application-aware network performance management solution to keep their complex and diverse networks operating at peak performance. SevOne has helped many government organizations address their growing IT challenges and exceed their required service levels. The SevOne solution is capable of scaling from hundreds to millions of IT elements and flows, providing IT operations teams with the most accurate and timely data available to ensure enterprise-wide performance and reliability for their applications. SevOne's ability to combine multiple data collection methods into a single integrated solution, with a single reporting console, allows operations teams to consolidate multiple disparate monitoring tools. Using a single all-in-one solution provides you the visibility needed to proactively maintain control of both your current IT environment and your new cloud-based services.

Visit SevOne at the 21st Annual OSDBU Procurement Conference 2011 in Chantilly, VA (location 862) to learn how SevOne enables you to keep increasingly complex networks and cloud-based applications functioning at peak performance levels, as you execute on your cloud-first projects.


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