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18 Nov

Combining Performance and Innovation for a Better Wireless Experience

Combining Performance and Innovation for a Better Wireless Experience

A major North American wireless provider had two clear goals that it needed to accomplish:

  • Grow market share by delivering dependable, high-quality network services, especially to its 4G LTE subscribers who demand high-speed, low-latency performance across all of their mobile devices.
  • Focus on innovation to bring new services to market faster than its competitors.

To achieve these goals, the carrier required full, real-time visibility of the operational status of all of its networks and services. But given the complexity of its environment, the carrier realized it would never gain the visibility it needed using its legacy network management tools.

That’s when the major wireless services provider turned to SevOne to fill critical visibility gaps that its legacy network management tools simply could not address. By partnering with SevOne, the company now benefits from having complete infrastructure visibility, including data collection and flow analytics capabilities that are unmatched in the industry.

Read the full story to learn how SevOne delivered the operational intelligence the wireless services provider needs to consistently deliver high-quality services to its end users.

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