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7 Sep

Complete and Immediate Visibility of High Frequency Trading Environments

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On Sunday (Monday morning in Hong Kong) we announced a partnership with TS-Associates and Terilogy to bring advanced performance monitoring capabilities for high frequency trading (HFT) environments for Financial Services companies. Terilogy is our key Asia Pacific partner, and they are also representing SevOne at Trading Architecture Asia 2011 this week.

This year has been huge for SevOne in terms of geographic expansion; including our partnership with Terilogy. They are applying their substantial expertise to integrating and reselling our solutions in the APAC region. In April, shortly after the devastating tsunami, SevOne CTO Vess Bakalov (the person in all of the videos) and SVP of Worldwide Sales and Business Development, Bill Conners, spent a week in Japan meeting with Terilogy for training and sales calls. Since then, Terilogy established and launched an ultra low latency “Center of Excellence” in Tokyo for showcasing and demonstrating a comprehensive solution based on “Best of Breed” precision instrumentation and network performance technologies. Naturally, SevOne is a featured solution, along with our new partner TS-Associates.

Terilogy planned and hosted a seminar with TS-Associates and us in Hong Kong prior to Trading Architecture Asia 2011. The topic of the seminar is “Get Complete Visibility in Zero Latency Competition” consistent with the conference theme of “The race to zero latency.” So what is ”Best of Breed” performance monitoring in low latency environments? SevOne already offers a high frequency polling capability that many of our financial services customers use today. And now, as demonstrated at the Terilogy Center of Excellence (CoE), SevOne integrates with TS-Associates TipOff®, a low-latency probe. This enables IT operations teams and business managers to get complete and immediate visibility of the performance of their HFT environments using the same reporting consoles and workflows used to manage their network and servers.

SevOne can be configured to connect to one or more TipOff appliances to gather and monitor summary latency metrics on transaction flows. This allows users to monitor critical HFT performance indicators such as hop latency, build baselines of normal utilization levels and proactively monitor and raise alerts when utilization deviates from historical norms. Once alerted, a user can quickly troubleshoot the network and trading infrastructure.To learn more about SevOne and our TipOff integration, you can view our Ensure High Frequency Trading Performance partner datasheet and visit our Financial Services solution page.

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