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22 Mar

Connecting Europe and Asia - Right at the Bosphorus

Interconnected Globe with Blue Lines

Istanbul is amazing! It is my first time in the City of Kings and I can't get enough of this unique place. Truly a crossroads of the world, the city mixes the best of tradition and modernity, the Orient and the West.

High above the Bosphorus - standing on the edge of Europe and looking at Asia over the narrow strait - managers and engineers from some of the leading telecoms in Europe and Asia met at EURASIACOM to review their experience in deploying next generation technologies and look into the future.

Scaling and providing value-add and revenue generation services were the main challenges echoing the halls. The competitive pressure to provide customers with a better, faster and more reliable service is pushing these operators to adopt next generation technologies at an ever faster pace while expanding their coverage. At the same time, the promise of revenue generating value-added services is guaranteed to bolster the bottom line and increase customer loyalty.

The market is exploding, and it would be a lie to say that budgets aren't increasing. They are - just as quickly as the revenues. But it is what needs to be done with these budgets that is increasing even faster. And it is the people - the most precious of resources for any IT driven organization that seem to be stretched even thinner. Getting critical data, more quickly, into the hands of the right person is something that seems to be getting more complicated as the organizations and the networks they support grow more complex.

SevOne was received incredibly well by the attendees - both engineers and managers. Some of the smaller operators were looking to graduate from 'swivel chair management.' They had finally grown to the point where simply using the EMS' of the hardware vendors to manage each partcular type of equipment was no longer feasible. Their medium-sized cousins were very frustrated with the time to value and complexity of traditional performance management systems. The biggest operators simply did not believe there is a solution out there that could fulfill their needs.

I attend many customer meetings - it is a part of my job I enjoy almost as much as designing truly awesome solutions (hey - I am the CTO - not the SVP of sales), but it is a rare to have so many great encounters in such a short period of time. As I talked, it felt great to see the sparkle in engineers' eyes as they gleaned the power of the SevOne platform, or the smile of a manager whose idea of a low TCO of a PMOM drop through the floor. I look forward to speaking again with many of them. It wasn't just business partnerships that formed here - but hopefully the seeds of some enduring friendships.

Among the minarets of ancient mosques and the gleaming towers of modern Istanbul, nestled between two seas and two continents over bitter Turkish coffee and sweet sweet baklava for those of us lucky enough to attend EURASIACOM the future of telecom became clearer, and I think a little brighter.

P.S. I can't write this blog post without mentioning our amazing partner here in Turkey - DEMSISTEM. Truly a world class company we are proud to work with - they made sure that this show was a real success! Their hospitality is only matched by their technical prowess and passion to satisfy the needs of their customers.

Vess Bakalov is SVP and CTO for SevOne.

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