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26 Nov

Cyber Monday to Increase Network Manager ‘Stress’

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This time of the year, today in particular, Cyber Monday, online shopping will cause network managers a new level of stress. Network managers of e-commerce sites such as Amazon will feel the squeeze. In addition network mangers that support networks of banks, telecom service providers, and even enterprise organizations should expect increased IT resource consumption due to employees using their work computers and networks for online shopping.

Personally, I always shopped on Black Friday, the crowds were never intimidating and worth enduring for the deals. But the last few years, I haven’t done any Christmas shopping in stores. All holiday shopping for me has been online. Same great deals, and no lines. I represent a large number of not only Americans but people across the globe.

In the UK alone, mobile shopping is expected to increase by 16% this holiday season according to an article posted by In this same article, Olivier Ropers, Senior Director of Mobile at eBay was quoted as saying: “The high street as we knew it, where the ‘showroom’ inside the four walls of the store was the centre of our shopping experience, has transformed forever. Consumers now carry a global store in their pocket allowing them to shop anytime, anywhere.”

Mobile operators, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Vodaphone to name a few – need to ensure now more than ever that their networks are prepared for the volume of people using mobile devices for more than just searching the web and making phone calls this holiday season. This mobile number also does not include tablet use. Which adds to the convenience and appeal of online shopping – if the networks can handle the numbers of users.

According to an article on Tech Crunch posted yesterday for the first time ever e-commerce reached over 1 billion dollars on Black Friday 2012. The article also notes, that in store brick and mortar sales were down 1.8% this year. The last important statistic in the article was 57.3 million Americans visited retail sites on Friday, which is an 18% increase from last year.

So what does this mean for network management? It means online retailers, banks, and any sites that have anything to do with e-commerce need to be prepared for the volumes of people who will be doing the shopping. Seconds of a down website could cost companies millions of dollars in lost revenue. On average people wait about three seconds before jumping to the next site.

Lastly, corporations small and large need to prepare their internal networks infrastructure. Days like Cyber Monday can mean a significant increase in network activity for company’s employees. How is Cyber Monday affecting your network and your job? Leave us a comment.

Alex Conners is Web Marketing Specialist for SevOne.

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