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5 Jul

Delaware Governor Jack Markell Visits SevOne

Jack Markell Giving a Speech

For most people getting up for work after a holiday weekend is tough. Americans celebrated our nation's birthday yesterday, the 4th of July. A weekend of barbeques, fireworks, swimming and baseball, makes for a difficult Tuesday morning.

However on July 5, this year, some SevOne employees had something to look forward to. Ironically, the day after we celebrated our independence the governor of the First State, Delaware, visited SevOne's Wilmington headquarters. Governor Jack Markell arrived at SevOne at 9am with the Secretary of the Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO), Alan Levin, and a couple of summer interns in tow.

SevOne is one of the fastest growing IT vendors in the state of Delaware, if not in the US. However, Delaware is more known as a corporate haven (over half of public and Fortune 500 are incorporated in DE) than for its software companies. Another fun fact for the trivia enthusiast, Wilmington is the leading financial center for the credit card industry. Anyway, people are starting to take notice of SevOne, including Govenor Markell and Secretary Levin.

Governor Markell talked with our SevOne management team and board members about growth plans and SevOne's award winning Network Performance Management Solution. We are now putting ourselves in the position to attract the right level of talent and to take advantage of the favorable business environment the state of Delaware has to offer. In order to achieve our goals, Secretary Levin who heads DEDO, is helping us connect to the development resources that we need to grow. A good percentage of SevOne employees were educated in Delaware and other local universities.

During this morning's visit, Governor Markell also addressed SevOne employees about the significant contribution each one of them is making to the state of Delaware and how impressed he is by SevOne's growth since we were founded in 2005. Before leaving SevOne, Governor Markell went down to the relatively new SevOne data center and lab to check out our SevOne product first hand. Co-founders Vess and Tanya Bakalov explained how network performance monitoring works in more detail to Governor Markell.

Governor Markell has been in office since 2009, and one of his goals has been to drive employment and small business in the State of Delaware. It was great to have Governor Markell and Secretary Levin come to visit one of Delware success stories and for us to provide them our input on what we need to continue to growth and thrive in the First State.

Alex Conners is the Marketing Communications Coordinator for SevOne.

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