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19 Aug

Don’t Let a DDoS Attack Sabotage Your Business

Don’t Let a DDoS Attack Sabotage Your Business

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks – the kind that strike your business, website or data from thousands of unique IPs, resulting in suspended or slow services and connections – are on the rise.

A DDoS attack, which can take a service offline or take a business down completely, can done be cheaply and easily.

But just because it’s cheap for the attacker doesn’t mean it won’t affect your business’ bottom line. The average cost of a DDoS attack is $40,000 per hour, says, a dedicated cloud comparison website and cloud sector commentator.

“No, that’s not a misprint,” the article says. “It actually is $40,000 per hour, but that’s only the beginning of this nightmare. Nearly half of all DDoS attacks last between 6 to 24 hours.”

Based on those figures, businesses can expect a $500,000 price tag for each attack. says that the cost of mitigating a DDoS attack quickly ramps up when you factor in the need for hardware or software replacement, a reduction in revenue, the loss of customer trust, the loss of intellectual property and more.

Real-time infrastructure monitoring can provide the first line of detection against DDoS attacks. Though infrastructure monitoring use cases typically center on performance issues, the ability to monitor firewall and load balancer activity can arm network operations and security teams with the advanced warning they need to mitigate a destructive DDoS attack.

For more on how to detect, mitigate and prevent a DDoS Attack with an infrastructure monitoring platform, read our new executive brief,  Detecting DDoS Attacks with Infrastructure Monitoring.

Detecting DDoS Attacks with Infrastructure Monitoring

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