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22 Jul

EMA Analyst Weighs In On SD-WAN, SDDC and Legacy Tools

This presents problems for legacy management tools. That’s the message that EMA analyst Shamus McGillicuddy shared in our latest series of SevOne videos.

McGilliguddy dove into three popular topics: Legacy tools, software-defined data centers (SDDC) and software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN). Watch the videos below:

Legacy tool problem

“The problem with legacy network performance management tools is one of digital transformation,” McGillicuddy said.

He outlined three reasons why legacy tools just aren’t up to the task of monitoring and managing next generation infrastructure: scale, trust of the data, and agility.

McGillicuddy said today’s businesses need tools that can collect data from these new technologies and present them in a meaningful way to network operations.

“SevOne is an example of an infrastructure platform that answers that call. It provides the scalability you need, it provides the trust in data that you’re looking for, and it’s also agile enough to support all of these emerging technologies.



Only 33 percent of early adopters of SD-WAN say, McGillicuddy said, believe their network management tools are up to the task of supporting new and changing environments.

“Network performance management vendors that integrate with leading solutions like Cisco IWAN or Viptela can really deliver a lot of value and help enterprises succeed with the implementation of SD-WAN,” McGillicuddy said.



Adopting a software-defined datacenter can be especially challenging for legacy network management tools, McGillicuddy said.

Some SDDC adopters use underlays like Cisco ACI, while others are using software-based overlays like VMware NSX.

EMA’s research, McGillicuddy said, shows that many tools are not ready for that technology.

“Sixty percent of early adopters of SDN underlays say their existing network performance monitoring tools are not ready for the technology, and 67 percent of early adopters of SDN overlays say the same thing,” he said.

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