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6 Sep

Even Dilbert Knows Network Management is Key

Dilbert Sitting in Front of a Computer

We found this Dilbert comic a couple of days ago. It spread like wildfire around SevOne, because we found it to be so true and appropriate. (Quite honestly- everyone is always excited to see network performance management go mainstream.)

Managing enterprise networks can be pretty daunting, as everyone knows network monitoring isn't exactly glorified babysitting as one could assume. Complex networks need complex management systems to monitor and report on what is "normal." And then report on when there are deviations or other problems that aren't "normal."

Building an internal network management system that is sophisticated enough to monitor and report on an entire network infrastructure could take years and also become incredibly expensive. At the rate IT is changing and evolving, keeping an internal tool up to date and functioning isn't efficient - at all! If you are building an internal system, my apologies. While you're waiting another three years for it to be finished - download SevOne's free version and start monitoring your network within the next five minutes!

Alex Conners is Web Marketing Specialist for SevOne.

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