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30 Sep

Fulfilling Orders in Today’s Performance Appliance Solution World

Four Boxes Stacked Up Against Eachother

The other evening I had the opportunity to stay late at work. It would seem odd to say opportunity but at the end of the third quarter, as we worked to configure and ship more SevOne appliances than ever before, it was sort of thrilling. It also gave me the chance to see our operations and logistics team in action. Andrei Kazlovich, the master behind all things ordered and shipped and David Walsh, the heart and soul of rack, stack, configure and box, were hard at work and I was providing manual labor. I kind of felt like the CEO on CBS's Undercover Boss - except I wasn't undercover! I got to see all the intricacies of logistics that go into delivering, especially the heightened end of the quarter activity here at SevOne.

There were boxes of servers waiting to be configured, appliances with orange bezels, Fusion-io cards, and SevOne software images being added, and there were SevOne PAS and SevOne DNC appliances that were waiting in a large stack for FedEx to get them to our new customers. The sheer volume amazed me as I reminisced about the first single Dell server appliance that we purchased for testing - moving away from the white box PCs we first used. Then I remembered a magazine tear out I once saw from Gateway Computers back in the early 1990s that showed the evolution of Gateway from the garage where they assembled PCs to the multi-billion dollar company they became and I realized, we are now living the same dream the Gateway guys lived once upon a time in the PC computer era, only our dream is in today's world of configuring and shipping appliance-based solutions.

When I started here at SevOne, as the only systems engineer, there were about 8 of us in a shared office space sitting around a couple of tables working on what would be the next generation of performance monitoring software. Back then I did not think that in four years we would be shipping this volume of network performance appliances to such prestigious customers as Thomson Reuters, Tora Trading, and Norwegian Defence around the globe.

I tip my hat to all those who work in logistics but none are better than Andrei and David who make it happen day in and day out at SevOne.

Dave Hegenbarth is the Director of Systems Engineering for SevOne, Inc.

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