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15 Dec

The future of IoT, SDN, and SevOne

SevOne's co-founder and CTO Vess Bakalov

It’s not often that you get a chance to chat one-on-one with the co-founder of a company that has grown from 4 to 500 employees in a few short years. But that’s exactly what happened when SevOne’s CTO Vess Bakalov sat down to answer questions on tech trends like SDN, NFV and IoT, entrepreneurship, and the future of SevOne during our first #AskVess Twitter chat. We’re recapping some of his thoughts (and expanding upon them a bit longer than 140 characters) here.

Vess on the big trends of 2016

There won’t be a single trend in 2016. We’re going to see a lot of things hit us at once. I do predict that SDN and NFV will go mainstream, but won’t make money yet. Players like OpenStack, CiscoACI, Docker, and others will crystalize their use cases and refine their messages. Clear winners will emerge.

On the biggest disruption to the corporate data center over the next 36 months

IoT, the hybrid cloud, SDN, and NFV will be the biggest disruptors over the next 36 months. IoT will help companies control costs and optimize workloads. The hybrid cloud will transform data centers from fortresses to interconnected cities. SDN and NFV will make logical service delivery topologies more complex while making hardware in the data center more uniform.

On how IoT will challenge and transform the industry

The variety of data types that IoT provides will likely be a bigger challenge than the volume. It’s understanding the relationships between IoT data sources - both technical or social - that will allow IoT data to become truly valuable. Worldwide, data centers use the rough equivalent of 30 nuclear power plants, according to the New York Times. That’s a lot to monitor and teams will need to prepare accordingly.

IoT also needs to serve the needs of the business and prove its value to the C-Suite. The biggest challenge around this trend will be putting the data that IoT provides in the right context, so that appropriate business decisions can be made. Teams need to prepare with a data mediation platform that collects metrics and normalizes them for analytics. It’ll be this context that takes IoT into the mainstream.

On how SevOne is preparing for the rise of SDN

The first step in understanding SDN’s value is collecting and visualizing performance data. We already released an adapter to get OpenStack metrics. Analyzing SDN performance data will be different than typical monitoring practices. We go in depth on this topic in our whitepaper, “Achieving Operational Insight in SDN & NFV Environments.”

On what we can expect from SevOne in 2016

We are excited about DevOps and are strengthening our open APIs to ensure we can handle the volume of automation demand. New APIs are just as comprehensive, but orders of magnitude faster.

We are also moving from SOAP to REST to help folks be more agile and iterate their solutions faster. Analytics is why Big Data is valuable. If Big Data doesn't drive actionable business outcomes, we just spent money on hard drives.

We’re also planning to introduce a large number of new analytics, algorithms, and visualizations in 2016. SevOne is the first platform to provide integrated analytics and reporting across metrics, flows, and logs - the first Infrastructure Management Triple Play! We will also be retooling our workflows and UIs to make them even easier and fun to use.

On what industry leaders inspire him

I admire Elon Musk, and I like Reed Hastings. I like Sheryl Sandberg, as well. To be honest, I'm not a big sports or personality fan. I do try to find the awesome stuff other leaders do and find how it applies to me. I also try just as hard to see the things they have done which produce results I don’t find that relevant.

On advice for other entrepreneurs

My advice is simple: Be decisive and be tenacious. Be ready to learn, but take your time in changing your mind. And if you’re creating a product, produce a prototype as fast as possible and sell it. Getting sales is the best validation that your idea is worthwhile.

We had a great time sharing insights from Vess. Follow SevOneInc on Twitter and the #AskVess hashtag to see the entire chat and catch our latest updates.

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