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3 Feb

Gartner Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) Magic Quadrant Report 2016

Gartner Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) Magic Quadrant  Report 2016

SevOne is excited to once again be part of Gartner’s Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) Magic Quadrant Report 2016. The report is now available for download and you can do so here: Gartner’s NPMD Magic Quadrant 2016.

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Gartner calls out the strengths of each vendor included in its Magic Quadrant report and how that vendor is impacting the marketplace. We’d like to take a moment to expand upon Gartner’s comments and discuss what we feel sets SevOne apart from other vendors:

  • Breadth and Volume of Data Collection: SevOne can scale to millions of objects and monitor the entire network, server, storage, cloud and virtual infrastructure with no practical limits. This includes collection of structured and unstructured data using 20+ protocols out of the box as well as an extensive library of certified devices. This comprehensive data collection includes metrics, flows, and logs to allow for complete performance visibility across the entire infrastructure from a single platform. For instance, one Communications Services Provider uses SevOne to collect 160 billion metrics per day using 30+ non-standard data sources.
  • Rapid Access to Actionable Data: SevOne excels in allowing teams to collect real-time data, including metrics/time-based data, flow, logs, and synthetics, and access it all from a single screen. Teams can also generate reports quickly with highly granular data, down to one-second intervals. An enterprise team at a Global 2000 company is able to use SevOne to shorten initial root cause analysis of critical issues from 10 minutes to just under 150 seconds without having to touch any other tool.
  • Time to Value: Teams who implement SevOne are able to deploy rapidly because it’s an all-in-one solution, deployed as a physical or virtual appliance. There’s no additional hardware, software, agents, or databases required. For monitoring new devices, applications, and technologies, SevOne provides a guaranteed 10 day SLA for device or app key certification. This has allowed the IT team from a large enterprise organization to replace its legacy tools in just 45 days. It now uses SevOne to support over 1 million objects, resulting in better data integrity.
  • Seamless Scaling: The patented SevOne Cluster consolidates monitoring technology into a single, effective platform. Its fully distributed architecture ensures there is no single point of failure and supports multiple topologies. SevOne returns reports in seconds, no matter how large the monitored domain. A financial services firm uses this technology to monitor thousands of flow interfaces in real-time across three continents.
  • Integrated intelligence: When teams are able to access associated metrics, flows, and logs in one place in real time, they’re able to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR). SevOne automatically builds a dynamic baseline of normal behavior for all performance indicators collected, so you can set threshold-based alerts for when actual performance levels deviate from historical norms. You can also use metadata to provide business context of performance data to ensure IT is aligned with business objectives. A Communications Services Provider uses custom calculations performed across multiple interface KPIs to provide a single metric for service‐level monitoring. Now its executives can review reports on market utilization and customer trends by region.
  • Open Platform: 100% of SevOne’s UI functions are available via APIs as well. This openness enables integration and orchestration with a company’s existing workflows, lowering deployment costs and leveraging existing investments in systems and processes. One enterprise team at a Global 2000 company improved event management by integrating SevOne with their ticketing system. Alerts that once took an average of 45 minutes to document, prioritize and escalate now take 7‐8 minutes, reducing risk of service outage.

Let us show you how SevOne is different from other NPMD vendors - request a demo here.

Written by Caitlin Davis
Content Writer, SevOne

Caitlin Davis joined SevOne in October 2015 as a content marketing writer. She spends her days covering top trends in the technology space for SevOne's content marketing efforts as well as managing SevOne's social media channels. Prior to SevOne, Caitlin was the Digital & Social Media Manager for a tech startup and a Senior Editor at a public relations firm.

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