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17 Jan

Getting on the Path to Unified Performance Management

With cloud-based, high-performance apps and virtualized network resources, the old, segmented way of managing performance is fading fast. Today’s applications and infrastructure are complex, dynamic, and often unpredictable.

Using legacy tools and processes to manage performance in these new environments is simply not a viable strategy. You wind up with opaque views that make your environment very hard to manage and put your service delivery at risk. And if there’s one thing you know for sure, your users and customers don’t tolerate poor performance.

You need to take smart, effective and fast action to find and fix jitter, latency, traffic bottlenecks and other problems that bog down performance. Trying to do that across silos, fiefdoms, and stovepipes is a recipe for failure. What’s needed is a unified approach to application and infrastructure management, one that leverages visibility, scalability, and reliability.

But let’s face it. Most shops today aren’t there yet. Their IT, DevOps, NetOps and Security teams still have divvied up responsibilities, and they’re scrambling to meet performance commitments. 

Breaking down those old boundaries and moving to unified performance management seems like a huge and complicated task. But there are ways to get you on the right path and shorten your journey.

Those strategies are addressed in our The Future of Application Performance. In this session, Turbonomic CMO, Tom Murphy, and SevOne COO, Jim Melvin discuss how you and your teams can take a cohesive and unified approach to managing application and infrastructure performance in 2020 and beyond.

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