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12 Dec

Glassdoor Top Company Award

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Kirsten Yocke is a senior at the University of Delaware. She joined SevOne in June 2014 as an intern in the marketing department. Growing up just over the Golden Gate Bridge outside San Francisco, she’s no stranger to start-up culture and the tech industry. We asked to explain what she thinks the reason is for SevOne making the Glassdoor list of Best Places to Work in 2014.

The best part about making this list is that unlike other awards, companies are unable to apply to for the honor. Winners are chosen by Glassdoor on the basis of employee’s voluntary reviews.

SevOne’s Culture of Awesome – a term coined by SevOne CTO, Vess Bakalov – is the number one reason we made the list. As more people join this exciting team, they are learning and sharing why SevOne is one of the best companies to work at.

So, what is the Culture of Awesome? I think a lot of it has to do the team mentality. SevOne hires only the best people and ensures they fit into the culture, which also encourages innovation, creativity, and fun.

Even as SevOne grows, the company has kept its small, start-up feel. Every employee is encouraged to talk to, seek mentorship from, and bounce ideas off of anyone and everyone from interns to CEO. SevOne employees are both included and important in the success and innovation of the organization. The company makes every employee feel awesome about themselves and what they do everyday.

Employees are encouraged to think freely, and put their own creativity into their work. I enjoy knowing that taking initiative is encouraged. I think it not only leads to more dedicated employees, but also a more innovative and successful organization as a whole.

At SevOne, one person’s win is a win for the entire company. By celebrating every individual's success with cake, parties and happy hours, the environment truly feels like a team of friends working towards the same goal. This work-hard, play-hard mentality in and out of the office excites employees about both coming to the office and their work, and gives everyone the opportunity to share in each other’s excitement and successes.

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