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9 Jan

GoDaddy Tames Growing Network Complexity with SevOne

Managing more than 63 million domains for 14 million customers makes GoDaddy the world’s #1 web hosting company. The company’s continued growth is fueled by its user-friendly offerings and new hosting options, along with its many acquisitions. While GoDaddy’s growth is a huge plus for the company, it was creating big increases in operational complexity, especially in its network infrastructure. With complexity growing steadily, monitoring and managing its network infrastructure was becoming an increasingly difficult task for GoDaddy’s Network Reliability team.

The Network Reliability team is responsible for the efficient collection, storage, and retrieval of network and operational performance data, and making it accessible and actionable to anyone in GoDaddy who needs it. The problem was that the team was trying to do the job using multiple, overlapping network monitoring tools.  These legacy products were only providing partial network visibility and were unable to produce a single, unified ‘source of truth’.

GoDaddy’s Network Reliability team realized that it needed to do two seemingly contrary things: consolidate its network monitoring efforts, while also expanding and automating those capabilities. In the SevOne Platform, they found a solution that enabled them to achieve both goals. 

Click here to read about how the GoDaddy team gained the network visibility it needed by switching to the SevOne Platform. With operational insights delivered by SevOne, it’s much easier for the Network Reliability team to ensure the performance required for consistent delivery of the fast, reliable and user-friendly services. The SevOne Platform also provides the power, flexibility, and scalability the company needs to make sure its network environment always keeps pace with its rapid growth.

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