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23 Sep

Google's Latest Study Proves Slow is the New Down

Google's Latest Study Proves Slow is the New Down

“Slow is the new down.” This mantra embodies the state of consumer expectations today. If a consumer is browsing on their mobile device and a page is slow to load, a few brief moments can be all it takes to bounce to a competing web site that works. This leads to lost revenue, lower confidence, and a tarnished reputation in the marketplace.

Google’s latest study illustrates this point even more clearly. According to the new “The Need for Mobile Speed” report, which analyzed 10,000+ mobile web domains, 53 percent of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than three seconds to load.

The study also reports that 3 out of 4 mobile sites take longer than 10 seconds to load and the average time to load is 19 seconds. There’s a fundamental dichotomy there - the majority of mobile site performance doesn’t match consumer expectations, and that’s a problem. There is little patience for anything less than perfect performance. The expectation is that your site should work all the time, every time, or consumers will begin to look elsewhere.

There’s a clear benefit for those who strongly prioritize their mobile performance. Google’s study projects that publishers whose mobile sites load within 5 seconds earn up to 2X greater mobile ad revenue than those whose sites load within 19 seconds.

Double the revenue due to a better user experience -- that’s a huge advantage and one that not nearly enough organizations are using to their full advantage.

So what should organizations do? The key is to ensure that every piece of infrastructure that supports the customer-buying experience is monitored, including network, compute, storage and applications.

Each of these elements creates billions of data points daily. Companies must be able to collect and understand these points to make sure they can deliver a great experience that meets customer demands -- whether that’s increasing bandwidth, changing routing patterns, or capacity planning for events such as Cyber Monday. They need deep, clear, and actionable insights in order to be able to manage -- and succeed in -- today’s connected world.

Too often this is considered the problem of just the IT or operations teams. But Google’s study proves that revenue is directly tied to assuring a quality mobile experience. One out of two people expect a mobile page to load in less than two seconds - can your site keep up?

Written by Jim Melvin
SVP, Marketing & Corporate Development

Jim joined SevOne after 20 years in leadership and CEO roles in software, hardware, and SaaS businesses. He served as CEO of AppNeta for 5 years, as well as 2 years as President and CEO at Mazu Networks. Jim has an extensive background in leading companies and marketing teams through various stages of growth. He has been awarded three U.S. patents in fault tolerant systems design.

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