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25 Jul

Happy Systems Admin Day

There’s no better way honor our systems admins then to share some of the ridiculous tasks we ask of them, because everyone trusts them to do, well, everything. Below you’ll find what it takes to be a stellar systems admin compliments of this Reddit page. One thing’s for sure, if the network is the business, the systems admins are the lifeline.

George Clooney Reddit Post

You don’t have to be as good-looking as George Clooney; as long as the printer is always working and everyone has Internet access, you’re pretty close to God.

Bosses House Reddit Post

This one made me laugh. I know admins who have gone to executives’ houses to fix routers, printers and other miscellaneous things.

Sysadmin Priest Reddit Post

I’m not sure the size of this person’s company, but once he or she called himself or herself a priest I was sold.

Bluetooth Car Reddit Post

This description is close to the true definition of a systems admin’s job:

All Systems Reddit Post

But we all know it looks more like this:


Cat Herding Reddit Post

The bottom line: give your systems admin a hug today, even if he or she hates hugs. At the very least, bring donuts, or booze.

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