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31 May

Here’s What SevOne’s Application Key Builder Can Do For Your Business


SevOne’s Performance Log Appliance is capable of ingesting an infinite variety of log formats quickly and at scale. But how do you teach the PLA to recognize log data formats beyond the ones it already knows?

The answer: an application key. Application keys in particular, and SevOne’s PLA log analysis, in general, are powered by regular expressions under the hood, a technology backed up by both scientific research and good practical implementations.

While being very powerful, regular expressions are also notorious for being an arcane and unreadable mess, requiring much time and effort to master.

Software engineer and hacker Jamie Zawinski has this popular saying:

“Some people, when confronted with a problem think, ‘I know, I’ll use regular expressions.’ Now they have two problems.”

So while regular expressions are good for the machine to execute, writing more than a short-to- medium one by hand is a tedious task, even for an experienced developer.

To mitigate this, we created the SevOne Application Key Builder, an in-browser, single-page application that makes the task possible for inexperienced users. It also allows more experienced developers to use their time more productively.


After loading a sample of the log data, the Builder allows you to pick from a list of pre-made regular expressions for popular chunks of information found in logs, for say, popular date and time formats. You don’t need to know how those work necessarily, as the Builder automatically searches in the rest of the line and highlights those that match.

While doing this, you’ll receive immediate feedback by previewing the parts of your sample that match the expressions. The advance options the SevOne PLA supports can also be tweaked.

Once you are satisfied with the results in the preview, you can save your newly created application key, export it and try it in your PLA box. You can also share it with the rest of the SevOne technical community, thus contributing to the growing set of both SevOne supported and community contributed application keys.

Since it’s initial release, we have used the Builder internally for almost a year now. The Builder is available for any registered SevOne Connect user for free. This is a valuable tool for all PLA users and can help your teams achieve more productivity.

As always, your feedback is appreciated. You can reach the team via the contact form.

Written by Radoslav Atanasov
Sr. Software Developer

Radoslav Atanasov is a Senior Software Developer who joined SevOne in January 2015. He works specifically with the SevOne PLA Application Key Builder. He has more than 12 years of experience working as a software developer with .NET, C/C++, JavaScript, and Java.

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