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7 Oct

How to Avoid Boondoggle Portal Projects

IT Worker Mapping out a Portal Project

Earlier today, I ran into Nic Reid, SevOne’s Sr. Director of Product Management. We engaged in a conversation about performance monitoring portals. This topic has been of much interest to many of our customers.

SevOne provides infrastructure metrics, alerts, and visualizations that serve as components of broader operational portals. These portals may include other components such as help desk information, project tracking, and sales forecasts. Integrating these disparate sources into a single portal view presents challenges for organizations.

“The primary challenge with portals is that the rate of swap-out has increased,” said Nic. “In other words, organizations evaluate, deploy, and retire portal components faster than ever. Often we’ve seen boondoggle portal projects which are brittle and irrelevant upon delivery.”

How do you prevent such a situation from occurring? Nic had some interesting opinions about portal technologies. I was able to capture them on my smart phone and share his commentary on this blog.

Besides the evolving technical aspects of portals, some fundamental concepts still hold true. The best portals:

  • Answer real business questions
  • Provide information that is fast, clear, and actionable
  • Do not require an additional password
  • Are cheap to build and maintain
  • Are quick to adapt to changing business needs

What demands does your organization have for performance monitoring portals? Which departments are driving the need and what technologies are they asking you to use? We welcome your comments below.

Or if you're curious what types of report information from SevOne may be useful in one of your own operational portals, check out our reporting page.

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