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14 Jan

How MSPs Can Cut Costs With Infrastructure Performance Management

How MSPs Can Cut Costs

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT Outsourcers (ITOs) are tasked with delivering cost-effective, revenue-generating solutions to their customers. But this can be challenging.

At the top of this list of challenges is margin pressure from a market flooded with new, lower cost providers. While some competitors may offer less expensive services, they may lack the strategic consultation more mature MSPs provide.

Since about 70 percent of total customer expense is tied to labor, its crucial that MSPs find other ways to reduce costs in order to capture shifting market share and maintain existing accounts. Here’s what may be eating your bottom line: 

  • SLA penalties
  • High operator to device ratios
  • Slow deployments
  • Poor capacity forecasts
  • Lack of automation
  • Cost predictability

Performance Management may provide the most effective means of addressing cost control. And, improved monitoring, reporting, troubleshooting and capacity forecasting is just the beginning.

Our newly published whitepaper, “6 Ways MSPs Can Cut Costs With Infrastructure Performance Management” outlines six ways the right performance management platform can significantly reduce both CapEx and OpEx for a MSPs and ITOs.

In this paper, you will learn why delivering cost predictability, improving time to market, consolidating existing monitoring tools, avoiding SLA penalties, improving capacity forecasts, and automating monitoring functions are effective strategies for cutting costs.

For more detail on how to cut costs as an MSP, download our free whitepaper, “6 Ways MSPs Can Cut Costs with Infrastructure Performance Management.”

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