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18 Nov

How SDN Environments Can Improve Efficiency and Scale

How SDN Environments Can Improve Efficiency and Scale

Enterprises are turning to SDN and NFV environments for three reasons: cost, efficiency and scale.

These three components are key for enterprise datacenters, SDN strategy and wide area network strategy, says Cigna’s Douglas Dubis, Manager of Network Tools and Instrumentation.

At SevOne’s first ever user conference, which was held at the University of Delaware campus in October, Dubis explained why the evolution of SDN is good for business.

During the SDN panel discussion, Dubis said by diving into SDN, enterprises could reap back some of the high costs, which can then be reinvested in optimizing and scaling out the technology.

SevOne’s Brian Promes, Director of Product Marketing, led the discussion. Other panelists included Christian Renaud, Research Director at 451 Research; Jeff Ostermiller, Data Center Technology Solutions Architect for Cisco Systems; Marc Heimlich of Hewlett Packard Enterprise; and Brandon Hale, SevOne’s SDN Product Manager.

During the conversation, panelists discussed how SDN has ushered in a new way of thinking about application and service delivery. The panelists weighed in on the challenges and opportunities in assuring SDN-based infrastructures.

The group also discussed the evolution of analytics and the need to analyze and interact with SDN-generated data to optimize business.

While many organizations are collecting massive amounts of data, most are not sure what to do with it yet, Heimlich said.

“We’re not just looking at packets anymore. It’s flows and logs, it’s metadata, SNMP, files and tweets, and what you are blogging about,” Heimlich said. “If you look at that on an individual basis, you’ll have a snapshot of the health of the network. Now you need the ability to look at five years of data and understand the season and annual trends.”

For more from the SDN Panel, watch the video:

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