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19 Nov

Identify Network Performance Problems Before Service Is Impacted

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Whether your focus is banking, trading, or insurance – you are facing some pretty significant challenges in today's market. Visibility into key performance data is critical to your business. You cannot afford network slowdown or downtime because it directly affects your revenue and your customer's revenue.

Large banks and trading firms rely on SevOne's real-time monitoring features to assure service levels to their clients. Every second counts, especially in high frequency trading environments. Many of our Financial Services customers use specialized packet capture tools to monitor their High Frequency Trading operations at the millisecond level. SevOne complements these low latency monitoring tools with the ability to monitor network and server devices at one minute intervals, and critical network interfaces at one second intervals, through our High Frequency Polling feature.

SevOne is capable of providing real-time performance visibility across your network, for 10s of thousands of network and server devices. SevOne provides complete flexibility on what is being monitored and reported on, without having to deploy agents, probes and packet filtering systems. This ability to monitor, analyze and troubleshoot at a wide scale enables our Financial Services customers to proactively find and prevent performance degradation problems before they impact clients and business partners.

Financial Services Webinar

We recently hosted a Financial Services webinar on this topic, featuring our CTO Vess Bakalov. Before founding SevOne in 2005, Vess worked as a network architect during the day for JP Morgan Chase/BankOne and taught Computer Science at night at the University of Delaware. The vision for a “performance management solution that removes all scalability and affordability limits to data collection, analysis, and reporting” came from seeing the gross disparity in what he and co-founder Jim Young taught vs. the systems they used to manage networks.

We invite you to listen to Vess and learn how leading financial services companies like Credit Suisse, Nomura, and UBS use the SevOne Performance Appliance Solution to proactively identify, troubleshoot and resolve IT performance problems before service is impacted.


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