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30 Nov

Infrastructure Optimization at the Forefront of LTE North America

#LTENA: LTE backhaul strategies panel

Talks at the recent LTE North America show centered on how operators are handling a higher customer dependency on wireless. Providers and infrastructure vendors at the show said they are looking to optimize their infrastructures to deliver a better customer experience, while at the same time, managing cost.

Here are some key takeaways from this year’s show:

  • Much of the discussion revolved around how to evolve backhaul to meet the demands of users. If you are providing 5 TB per second of potential capacity and promising user 1 GB download speed, your backhaul needs to evolve to carry that much data. Optimization decisions you make are going to have a much more powerful impact in both spectrum use and perceived customer experience.
  • The industry is taking a much more nuanced view into how C-RAN and self-optimizing networking (SON) can coexist. C-RAN gives you the ability to centralize some of your RAN assets into macro cells where it makes sense, while still having distributed assets when you need better coverage, signal strength and throughput. They’re not incompatible solutions. C-RAN helps you with optimizing facilities, cost and infrastructure spend. SON helps you optimize spectrum use and RAN capacity. They are complementary technologies that will have a very powerful impact on backhaul back to aggregation and the core.
  • Micro vendors are becoming much more competitive in order to drive better coverage to the point that some vendors are selling directly to enterprises. Large enterprises want the very best service inside their headquarters, and they can’t easily achieve that with macro cell coverage. It’s driving a very different perception about where to deploy access. It’s no longer in just the airport or the subway station, but at headquarters, in the factory, in your office.
  • 5G had a limited showing at the event. We know that 5G is looming and that there are problems that need solving. Participants at the event discussed how to make better infrastructure decisions for a smoother 5G deployment. As the standards for 5G are evolving, operators are maximizing investments in 4G and LTE.

For more from LTE North America, watch a video recording of the LTE backhaul strategies panel featuring SevOne’s Stefan Schneider.

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Written by Stefan Schneider
Sr. Product Manager

As a product manager, Stefan is primarily responsible for ensuring that SevOne products solve the current and future needs of the Service Provider market.

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