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30 Sep

The Internet of Things is Impacting IT. Now.

The Internet of Things is Impacting IT. Now.

The connected home is available now, and cities are on the horizon. Before we know it, we won’t be able to remember a time when our world wasn’t completely connected.

The Internet of Things – the network of physical objects embedded with software and sensors that enables these objects to exchange data – is inching toward mass adoption, but won’t reach that milestone for a few years.

In September, 2015, SevOne published a report on recent survey findings about the impact of IoT on enterprise IT and service provider organizations. SevOne surveyed 100 executives; 91 percent of those interviewed work for firms in the Fortune 1000, with revenues in excess of $1.5 billion.

When we received the final survey results, we were most surprised to learn that 26 percent of the executives – from well-known tech, communications and health enterprises, to universities, aircraft manufacturers, and a few big banks – said their IT teams are currently engaged in IoT projects. This means they either have IoT solutions planned, budgeted, or currently deployed.

One executive that took part in SevOne’s 2015 IoT survey cited manufacturing floor automation as the company’s current IoT project.

“Efficiencies are required on the factory floor that can only be achieved by robotics,” said the executive. “It benefits the business, and therefore, by lowering overall manufacturing costs, the customer.”

He also emphasized that pursuing IoT projects is very important to his organization. "[We'll see] significant long term economic benefits on the factory floor, as well as using RFID tags in the supply chain area,” he said.

In our new Whitepaper, “5 Proof Points the IoT is Impacting IT in 2015”, we analyze the results of our recent survey and reveal additional reasons why IoT is on the minds of IT staff. Download the free Whitepaper here.

5 Proof Points the IoT is Impacting IT in 2015

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