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13 Aug

An Interview With SevOne's Senior Operations Analyst Dave Peñalver

SevOne Logo in the Middle of a Server Room

When did you begin working at SevOne? I began working here as an intern spring semester of my senior year of college. I transitioned to full time that summer. That was in 2012, so about a year and a half total if my math isn’t too horribly off.

How would you describe your internship experience? How did it compare to other internships you or your friends may have held? I would say it was fun while still being educational. The environment was very relaxed and informal and people had no problem socializing. And it was pretty cool being an intern and knowing the co-founders of the company on a first name basis. This was pretty different from a previous internship where all the different departments were isolated from each other and rarely had the opportunity to really get to know one another. Plus if you wanted to make any kind of suggestion there were so many layers of red tape you had to go through that it was all but certain that nothing was going to be done about it. Here that sort of initiative is encouraged.

What was it about SevOne that made you want to transition into a full-time employee? It was just quite simply the place that I wanted to work. I really enjoyed the people, the atmosphere, the work. It wasn’t like other jobs where you may actively dread going to work. Going full time was an easy decision.

What is your favorite aspect of SevOne’s Culture of Awesome? Frisbee. Every Friday after work. If you aren’t there then you aren’t doing it right.

How have you grown professionally since joining SevOne as an intern? One of the benefits of working for a smaller company is the opportunity to expand into other roles. To that end I have been fortunate enough to be working in a position with a lot of flexibility on how I do things. I’ve learned new skills, got new experiences and even got promoted.

What advice would you give to potential SevOne interns? Get involved and have fun. Part of what makes this a great company is the people. Whether it’s frisbee, jam sessions, happy hours or playing board games during lunch, there are plenty of ways to get to meet people. Work hard but make sure to enjoy it as well.

Name a song that best describes your work ethic. The only reason it isn’t “We Built This City on Rock and Roll” is because that wouldn’t make any sense. Hmm. It really doesn’t seem like there are too many songs that would describe work ethics. I’m going to go with “Working Man” by Rush.  

Written by Brian Promes
VP of Product Marketing

Brian leads SevOne product marketing and alliance-marketing strategies for cloud, virtualization, and software defined everything. Brian joined SevOne with over 20 years experience in the network management and monitoring space at Novell and Cisco, where he focused primarily on product management, product marketing and strategic alliance efforts of early stage products for emerging technologies in enterprise and service provider markets. Brian believes in enabling customers and partners to integrate products and technologies via open APIs and interfaces to solve the individual customer needs, earning two US Patents (US06584507 and US 06957256) for Linking External Applications to a Network Management System.

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