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9 Sep

IP Telephony Wireless Backhaul and LTE-IMS Performance Monitoring at ITEXPO-MSPWorld

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Getting the most of out of conferences requires significant preparation, beyond just the exhibiting and staffing logistics. It includes crafting your event theme, a promotion plan that includes all social media channels, speaker preparation, press and media outreach, demonstrations, etc. For ITEXPO West next week, TMC and their partners have collocated ITEXPO with the MSPWorld and 4GWE conferences, and also HTML5, SIP, and other events. While we signed up for MSPWorld and we are speaking on the wireless backhaul track for 4GWE, we are fully leveraging the broader opportunity provided by TMC at ITEXPO, especially the historical IP telephony focus. Hence we will be attending ITEXPO / MSPWorld / 4GWE in Austin next week showing our enterprise IP telephony monitoring, wireless backhaul and 4G LTE and IMS performance management solutions, along with our core and industry leading network performance management product.

TMC does a great job on marketing their events, and they offered us the opportunity to discuss our thoughts and predictions for the market, and how recent developments have influenced us. Here are some of the interview questions and my responses to them:

1. How has your market segment evolved over the past year and what trends have fueled those changes?

Mobile data is exploding, driven by the proliferation of smart phones, tablets and consumer behaviors, it is spilling over to enterprise networks. The associated new technology upgrades and convergence oriented projects are changing the way organizations manage the delivery of key business services. New levels of performance visibility and reporting are required to provide more effective performance management and service delivery assurance, and reduce new project risks.

2. What do you see as the next disruptive force in technology and how will it impact your market or business?

Mobile data growth is the most disruptive force, and the associated consumerization of IT, driving new investments. Wireless network operators will need to compete on service delivery levels, and accelerate their cell site upgrades to 4G LTE, optimize traffic offload via backhaul services, and meet service levels while reducing customer churn. Enterprises and MSPs are upgrading and broadening their operations for VoIP and video convergence, and for better cost allocation. The good news for SevOne is the need for better network performance management systems at a scale and price point that the incumbent vendors are not able to provide.

3. How has the acceptance and adoption of the cloud model influenced your development cycle and process?

The cloud or previously the SaaS model requires rapid, agile development and evolution cycles with the ability to scale services. This brings new performance management challenges, including a wider range of data collection points, the need for proactive monitoring and real-time troubleshooting to ensure service levels. We designed our product to have a plug-in architecture to enable rapid support of new devices and data sources, and our peer-to-peer architecture to enable linear scaling to support the world's largest networks. We deliver our solution on physical or virtual appliances, or from the cloud for rapid deployment.

4. What is the most common request you are seeing from your customers?

How is your company addressing these demands? Our most common request is to consolidate additional IT management services onto our performance management system, given the speed, scale and flexibility of our platform. The underlying requirement from our customers is to have unified and consistent processes and workflows for proactive monitoring, troubleshooting and planning across their entire IT infrastructure. That led us to develop the industry's broadest range of data collection sources beyond everything network, including for virtual infrastructure, call managers, and importing bulk performance statistics from other management systems. Our all-in-one solution can monitor IP Telephony, 4G LTE, IMS, and Ethernet services, and Avaya CM or Cisco UCS, in the same system that monitors your routers, switches and firewalls.

5. How is the continued growth of social media changing service and product development strategies?

Social media has enabled us to greatly expand our market reach and brand awareness, and connect with prospects worldwide. For our customers, we are able to reach them more broadly to update them on our new capabilities and expand our scope with them. Finally, rapid dissemination and collection of information via social media channels helps us to design better products and service offerings.

6. As businesses continue their move toward virtual workforces, how are you meeting the need for increased mobility?

What barriers are keeping others from adopting mobile strategies? Mobility and its associated workforce behaviors is ingrained in our society now and absolutely driving changes in Enterprise and service provider IT requirements. We are able to interact and transact on the fly and be productive from almost anywhere, anytime, although not yet with a consistent user interface. These changes in IT usage patterns need to be tracked and understood, so we keep one year of granular raw performance metrics to use in baselining normal usage. It has also driven us to focus more on cloud and managed service providers as customers and partners. The key barriers we see to adoption are the lack of visibility and understanding of usage and performance levels, such that timely actions can be taken and ultimately automated.

7. Is HTML5 the game changer many predict it will be?

Everything I read for years says that HTML5 is a game changer, but that looks more likely now with the explosion of smartphones and tablets, since it will enable a consistent and richer user experience on any device. For SevOne, our user interface has always been Web 2.0 based, and we are enriching it with HTML5 tags and javascript. 8. What are you most looking forward to at ITEXPO West in Austin? What do you see as being the biggest trends at the show? This is our first time for ITEXPO / MSPWorld / 4GWE, so we are excited to be a part of all of the collocated events, especially with our new IP Telephony and LTE and Ethernet backhaul solutions. Personally, I haven't been to Austin in years, so I am also looking forward to the conference festivities and meeting all of the TMC staff.


Written by Brian Promes
VP of Product Marketing

Brian leads SevOne product marketing and alliance-marketing strategies for cloud, virtualization, and software defined everything. Brian joined SevOne with over 20 years experience in the network management and monitoring space at Novell and Cisco, where he focused primarily on product management, product marketing and strategic alliance efforts of early stage products for emerging technologies in enterprise and service provider markets. Brian believes in enabling customers and partners to integrate products and technologies via open APIs and interfaces to solve the individual customer needs, earning two US Patents (US06584507 and US 06957256) for Linking External Applications to a Network Management System.

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