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17 Oct

IPv6 and the Internet of Things

Blue and White Text Displaying The Internet of Things

Which came first, the growth in IPv6 or the Internet of Things (IoT)?

A Chicken with the label IoT Standing Next to an Egg Marked IPv6

The answer is, “Yes.” The Internet of Things is driving IPv6 adoption, and IPv6 is enabling growth in the Internet of Things.

The point is, in any case, that the growth of either will facilitate and increase the growth of the other. And IPv6 use is growing. Google's continuously updated graph of IPv6 access shows the “hockey stick” growth that is occurring with IPv6. This growth is driven, in part, by mobile devices which are the leading edge of the Internet of Things.

Graph Displaying Percentage of Users that Acess Google Over IPv6

Percentage of Users that Access Google Over IPv6

So be prepared for both IPv6 and IoT with an infrastructure performance monitoring solution that can support IPv6 long into the future of the Internet of Things. We’re hosting a webinar on the topic today – "October 17. Register here."

Written by Rick Stuby
Product Marketing Manager

Rick Stuby is a product marketer for SevOne. A strategy, marketing and business development professional with 28 years of global technology experience in networking, telecommunications, semiconductors, renewable energy, and defense covering hardware, software and service solutions, Rick holds eleven United States patents. He has written many technical and marketing publications.

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