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19 Sep

Latin America- It’s Time for Effective Performance Management!

Blue Globe Highlighting South America

As one of SevOne's newer employees, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Bill Haber, and I am working on strategic accounts in various international geographies, focused primarily on multi-national service providers. While I've only been at SevOne a few months, I have lived and worked in various markets around the world from Latin America to Australia, where I most recently led EXFO's Assurance business. I began my OSS career in the mid-nineties focused on Latin America with Metrica, one of the first performance management tools in the marketplace. Since that time, I've worked to solve performance and operations problems with diverse service providers representing companies including Telcordia, Granite Systems, Belle Systems (now csg), and others. Enough about me. This week I attended Futurecom 2011 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Having been somewhat of a regular attendee in the past, it's been some time since I last attended the show. I was surprised how much Futurecom itself has matured.

The 2011 Futurecom event was so relevant to what is going on today in the MSP industry. Every aspect of the show focused on the key issues that trouble service providers. The show really emphasized what's next for service providers. From the first keynote speeches to new product announcements and new initiatives, one thing was clear— Futurecom was focused on successful delivery of Cloud Services and 4G LTE.

There were strong themes we see elsewhere being discussed from consolidating operations in converged carriers, guaranteeing Ethernet Service SLAs, Best practices in Leveraging the Cloud and Carrier Cloud and the Smart City. The “Big Data” theme was everywhere, and powerful dominant players from EMC to Ericsson were highly visible amongst the usual suspects.

Of course, the best mark of a good tradeshow revolves around access to leading industry professionals to discuss ideas and opportunities. I was pleased to see more business leaders in attendance than I remember seeing previously. Of course, Futurecom is also about relationships old and new, and I felt fortunate to see so many people celebrating what is a very exciting time in the communications industry. Brazil has come a long way, and it should be an exciting ride over the next 12 months as the country sees major 4G LTE and IMS rollouts and new cloud computing initiatives.

The country's leading telcos, along with progress-minded state politicians, have set objectives for completion of new technology phases to fall in line with world stage events coming to Brazil, which will first see the World Cup played across the country, and later when the Olympics come to Rio de Janeiro. We certainly look forward to helping these operators with world class high-performance next-generation networks.

Parabens, Brasil!

Bill Haber is Sales Director, Strategic Markets for SevOne, Inc.

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