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28 Apr

Leaders Discuss 5G, IoT and SDN/NFV at NOW16 Tokyo Event


To serve an APJ market that’s growing quickly, today’s enterprises, carriers and entrepreneurs are embracing a new kind of digital transformation, one with an emphasis the Internet of Things, SDN and the Cloud.

That’s why SevOne recently hosted Now16 Tokyo, a regional event aimed at bringing customers, partners and prospects together for a day of discussions about what’s happening now with 5G, IoT, SDN/NFV and more.

Founder and CTO Vess Bakalov, along with Matt Goldberg, SevOne’s VP of Global Strategic Solutions kicked off the event with a discussion about today’s mobile economy.

“We all know there’s an immense infrastructure behind connectivity. The digital infrastructure behind all those connections is infinitely complex,” Bakalov said to the standing-room- only crowd. “And right here in this room are the people who protect it all. And what we’re seeing today is just the beginning.”

Goldberg encouraged the audience to think about what’s happening today in the world of mobile. Mobile traffic, he said, will grow by 59 percent this year.

“And NFV and SDN are virtualizing the mobile network, too, driving more affordable and rapid innovation and expansion of service. 4G seemed impressive, but now we’re heading into 5G,” Goldberg said.

To stay ahead of these trends taking shape now, and to be prepared for the future, Bakalov highlighted some of SevOne’s partnerships – Cisco ACI, Juniper, Arista, VMware and more – which help to bolster the SevOne Infrastructure Management Platform.

Goldberg and Bakalov also touched on how IoT – from connected devices and sensors, to wearables and cars – will soon produce amounts of data that exponentially exceed even the massive amounts we currently see. The number of connected devices, Bakalov said, could climb to 200 billion in the near future.

“And then there’s the cloud, which is moving to SDx and Hyperscale Data Centers. By the end of 2016 more than half of compute capacity and more than 70 percent of storage capacity will be installed in hyperscale data centers. Openstack is accelerating the transition to the cloud, and hybrid clouds are becoming the norm,” Goldberg said.” The days of racking and stacking new devices and entering commands by hand are ending. The tools to which you were long accustomed are being virtualized. The challenge today – the challenge of all these trends – is scale.”

Bakalov advised the audience that, as scale surges, business leaders need visibility into their infrastructures – any time, all the time. In this new environment, he said, slow is the new down.

“A customer who has to wait, even a moment, for a web site to load or a device to connect has too many other options. A moment’s slowdown is an opportunity surrendered, and revenue relinquished,” Bakalov said. “The average company loses anywhere from $50,000 to millions of dollars of revenue for every hour of application and service downtime.”

Legacy monitoring tools simply aren’t up to the task. They weren’t built for the mobile world, Bakalov said. Our task, he told the audience, is to bring the world into the Space Age even as we transition from the infrastructure of the Stone Age.

“Yet you have to work in both. And we want to help you bridge the gap,” Bakalov said. “SevOne provides visibility into the old environment and the new, transparently on a single screen. And we provide you with that view any time, all the time, and at a moment’s notice.”

Be sure to check out our upcoming global NOW16 events in Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm and Melbourne.

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