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6 May

Log Data Ranks at the Top

Log Data Graph

If you take the time to ask questions, you are sometimes surprised by the answers.

For example, if I asked you, “What’s the most common data source for monitoring and troubleshooting network and infrastructure performance?” you might guess SNMP, IP SLA, or even flow data. But an April 2014 research report from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) revealed that network log data was actually the most desired data source in use today for planning, monitoring, and troubleshooting. In fact, two thirds of EMA survey respondents said they use log data from routers, firewalls, DNS servers, and other network equipment when troubleshooting issues.

Of course, log analysis for the purpose of infrastructure monitoring has its challenges, including:

  • Knowing what to look for in log data
  • Integrating with other data, such as SNMP, IP SLA, and Flow
  • Receiving alerts when log data indicates a troubling trend or unique change

Recently, SevOne partnered up with EMA on a follow-up study that documented current use cases and challenges with using log data as part of network management. You can download the highlights from this report for free (a $99 value) or check out our infographic below that summarizes some of the findings.

EMA Infographic

For more information on how SevOne helps you tackle the challenges of integrating log analytics into your performance monitoring strategy, have a look at our Performance Log Analytics page.

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