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25 Oct

Making the Call on Enterprise IP Telephony

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Converging voice, data and video onto a single network infrastructure can be a complex task. Here are some tips to ensure the transmission runs smoothly.

It is important to assess whether the network is sized properly with respect to accommodating rising volumes of voice traffic and how it might impact traffic relating to other business applications. Ensure that all the different types of applications running over the network have the appropriate amounts of bandwidth associated with them. It is a good idea to rollout VoIP to a small subset of the organization first in order to understand whether the required call quality can be delivered.

Establishing a baseline of ‘normal’ performance levels allows enterprises to set accurate thresholds and implement alerts that are issued the moment (or even before) performance degrades or deviates from normal. Scheduled and on-demand reporting delivers the key performance indicators (KPIs) that, when combined with call quality metrics, provide visibility of the impact of VoIP on both business-application and network performance.

With all of your IP telephony data in one place, IT operations teams can easily recognize when call manager performance suffers and assess the impact on call quality and success. If a sudden spike in data traffic impacts on call quality, full visibility ensures that the IT operations team is able to instantly identify the application consuming bandwidth and resolve the issue accordingly. When converging, an appliance-based solution is recommended because it eliminates the need for additional software, hardware, or external databases, and can be used in standalone or peered configurations in order to quickly provide reports on any indicator, device, or application to be monitored.

The ability to analyze both network and VoIP performance from one system enables faster troubleshooting and problem resolution, and better coordination between network operations teams and telephony teams. Crucially, the ability to troubleshoot issues effectively before they impact on service or network performance means quality of experience and network availability can be assured for all services.

Pete Cruz is Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing for SevOne.

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