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10 Mar

Mobile is Everything

As technology continues to advance, carriers have one thing in mind – how to effectively roll out 5G in SDN and NFV environments.

5G was top of mind at this year’s Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. More than 100,000 attendees and 2,220 companies – from mobile, fixed and network operators, to mobile content providers and development vendors – participated in the event.

Many carriers said they are starting 5G trials later this year, with an expected 2019 or 2020 rollout.

Mobile World Congress

From an SDN perspective, carriers were sharing ideas on just how to make the transition to 5G in these new more agile and dynamic environments. The benefit for these organizations is that they will be able to dynamically spin up based on load in SDN environments, allowing them to make more intelligent data decisions.

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Mobile World Congress

SDN, NFV and 5G drove the conversation at the event, but participants also discussed IoT, wearables, virtual reality, security, mobile apps, retail and digital commerce and more.

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