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11 Mar

Monitoring the ACS-Xerox Cloud and Managed Services

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ACS, a Xerox Company, had a need in its network services group within the ACS IT outsourcing organization. They wanted to expand and upgrade its arsenal of solutions for providing fault, performance, telecom and other management services related to its network service offerings with a single, standard tool.

ACS had a number of requirements for this project including cost, security, flexibility, and ease-of-use, and it based its decision on a solution that had the following:

  • a single management console,
  • the flexibility to grow,
  • a wide range of features since the company is required to manage multiple client networks,
  • a common multi-tenant infrastructure, and
  • a solution that would scale to serve clients of all sizes.

ACS manages thousands of networks and network devices for its clients. Not only must the company provide a cost-effective solution, but it also must continually scale and reduce costs of operation, for its clients and itself. The company selected the SevOne network performance management solution after seeing it in a demo environment and doing things that were not standard with competing vendors. SevOne's flexibility and scalability was key for ACS. With a presence in nearly every country in the world, the company couldn’t possibly try to manage them with a traditional, centralized management system.

The flexible nature of the SevOne distributed architecture allows ACS to manage clients’ networks either centrally or from multiple locations, depending on network topology and capacity. SevOne appliances can be added and removed to address capacity and network constraints. The architecture also allows a high degree of leverage across multiple client environments – a critical requirement for a global MSP like ACS.

Cloud services for enterprises is also a critical and growing part of the ACS service offerings. The fexibility and scalability of SevOne enabled ACS to easily incorporate and use SevOne to monitor the ACS-Xerox Cloud, including virtual machines and network infrastructure. ACS received a number of key benefits including fast time to value, operational efficiency improvements, improved cost structure, and no longer having to manage and go to multiple systems to retrieve data and view reports.


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