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12 Apr

More Tablets and Smartphones Makes Network Management a MUST

Woman Using Her Cell Phone and Tablet

A few days ago CNN Tech posted an article about the real reasons that websites like YouTube, NetFlix and Pandora are blocked from company's employees. I'm sure most people would assume the reason is that sites like these are distracting to employees and keep them from working, the same reasons that Facebook and Twitter are also blocked.

WRONG! The article said that many companies are blocking these sites because, “…as more and more businesses need Web access to function (and as web content becomes more data-intensive), many are struggling with a so-called bandwidth "spectrum crunch."

So what does this mean for the ever changing IT world? It means that it is even more important that companies have immediate network visibility. Organizations need to be able to prevent problems before they happen which means real-time network performance reporting.

According to the article, “Steve Feller, a steering committee member of an IT professional group in Cincinnati (where Procter & Gamble is based) told the Cincinnati Enquirer that social networking and other personal computer use has become a serious concern at some companies, threatening to slow the flow of data. "Effective IT leaders need to address this within their companies now," said Feller. "It is not something to be ignored."

Alex Conners is Web Marketing Specialist for SevOne.

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